Pembroke is a charming walled town which dates back over 900 years and is famous for its Norman Castle. Pembroke Castle is one of the most complete Norman castles in the UK. It was the birthplace of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty.


Pembroke Castle is the reason why most people visit this corner of Pembrokeshire. It's a fantastic medieval relic with endless rooms, spiral stone staircases, passages, battlements and turrets that will occupy you for hours. It affords fine views of the town and surrounding countryside and waterway, especially from the top of The Great Tower. Below the castle, down a narrow spiral staircase, is The Wogan, a large natural cavern. There's a museum and during the summer months an extensive programe of dramatic events, re-enactments and festivals takes place within its walls.


Pembroke town is a textbook medieval fortified town with a central main street heading east from the castle gates and a moat or castle pond extending round much of the town. The old town walls are remarkably intact complete with defensive towers such as Barnards Tower, an impressive three-storeyed tower with a fore building over its entrance.


Along Pembroke's Main Street are numerous fine old buildings where you'll find a variety of shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants. Wisebuy's delicatessen and the Pembroke glass blowing centre are two of the more interesting amongst them.


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